Sweet nothings, terms of endearment shared between lovers, like the sugar pie honey bunch of  sweet wines,  don’t skip the merry romp of  the lover’s tongue.

Too many, though, no matter how sweet they are, resemble measly words on the slurpy slate of love and sex, which whenever spilled in public make the flesh of the disinterested creep.

Personally, I love to love dessert wines but few appeal to me because all too often all too many are unbalanced. This particular newly released example of the 2010 vintage, though, is delightful and I unashamedly say so whilst I declare an interest in Delicata, the winery.

Sweet talk me if you must but be sure to sigh diminutives of Moscato like this one. I don’t mind any such long-lasting poisoned usage and can put up with it throughout the entire night. This fortified Moscato from Malta that shouts ‘wow!’

Tasting Notes (16.11.2012 G.M.)

Grand Vin de Hauteville, Moscato, 15% Alc. Vol.

variety: Moscato

style: sweet fortified white wine

region: DOK Malta

producer: Delicata

Georges’ Score: B-1Ġeez

(Poured from 50 cl bottle at 6-8 ºC: “Eyeing bright, honey-coloured, this white dessert wine smells of cinnamon and blood-orange rind. It tastes soavely viscous with delicate but impressive treacly sweetness and oodles of marmalade apricots cleaned up by a limey lift of acidity in the finish – an amazing treat, a clear desert island choice.”


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