Earn your wine certificate with Wine Campus.

All our online wine courses are certified.

Courses at Wine Campus are special thanks to the dedication and unmatched accessibility of the professional tutors.

You will be guided by wine experts that are experts in their field. That is what makes the Wine Campus certificates so coveted. All certificates are signed by the lecturer and drawn up with your name overlaid one the iconical watermark background of winemakers’ signatures.



Two types of certificates are awarded: a certificate of completion and, upon reaching the required pass mark, a certificate of successful completion.

You can monitor your progress towards the certificate in your virtual classroom site, and you will receive a notification by email as soon as you are entitled to the degree.

You may then download a soft copy for you to print or you can order a high-quality hard copy which will be mailed to your postal address.

Besides being fun and entertaining, the courses serve as a qualification in an area of study about wine which isn’t warranted a full degree course by other institutes. Certificates are likely to lead to career enhancement.

We, ourselves as an Institute, adhere to the EU’s Principles on E-learning and our assessment is compliant with the Quality Standards in Open and Distance Learning as laid down by MECA-ODL.

This is as carried out with the support of the European Community in the framework of the SOCRATES programme, in the MINERVA ODL action. The project reference number is: 87901-CP-1-2000-1-ES-MINERVA-ODL.

Wine Campus is a registered trademark, N° 46791, Trademark Act, 2000.