Higher Brevet of Wine

Course Content

This is a comprehensive wine course which you will undertake under the guidance of a true wine professional.

You get to explore the winemaking process, the essence of different wine regions, the terroir concept and industry trends – all so as to understand a wine’s flavour and personality.

Now available online, the 25 lessons come supported by several resources such as video clips, podcasts, wine maps, grape glossaries, extra reading material, interaction with fellow students, quizzes, short assignments and home wine tasting tasks.

Who is it for?
  • This course would suit everyone interested in learning about wine. However, it is aimed at people who really want to take the subject seriously.
  • It is equally suitable for professionals seeking wine knowledge for their business occupation and individuals looking to learn about wine for their social life.
  • Anyone beyond the initial stages of learning about wine and who is aiming to gain a more advanced understanding and deeper insight will find this course very valuable
What are the requirements?
  • A fair knowledge of English, the language of this course, is required.
  • No existing wine knowledge is needed.
  • Students are encouraged to taste different wines throughout this course.
  • No specialist equipment is required beyond wine glasses and a corkscrew.
  • The cost of the wine samples is not included in the tuition fee.

25 sessions and more

  • Topic 1: a brief history of wine
  • Topic 2: winegrowing, really?
  • Topic 3: wine, it’s in the grapes
  • Topic 4: winemaking
  • Topic 5: variety, the spice of wine
  • Topic 6: you, the expert taster
  • Topic 7: wine gone global
  • Topic 8: wine’s different styles
  • Topic 9: sparkling wine
  • Topic 10: sweet wines
  • Topic 11: into port and sherry
  • Topic 12: flaws and faults
  • Topic 13: wine maturation
  • Topic 14: alternative wine
  • Topic 15: wine’s bright future
  • Topic 16: white wines of the world
  • Topic 17: red wines of the world
  • Topic 18: understanding QWPSR
  • Topic 19: France’s wines
  • Topic 20: the German example
  • Topic 21: Italy’s classification
  • Topic 22: old versus new world
  • Topic 23: the senses
  • Topic 24: wine and food alchemy
  • Topic 25: the complete package
  • Video Library
  • Wine Course Glossary
  • Other Topics
  • Course Aids
  • Wine Tasting Tasks

Gain valuable trade insights.

Learn  under the guidance of a true wine professional. Explore the winemaking process, the essence of different wine regions, the terroir concept and industry trends and understand a wine’s flavour and personality.

Modular Course

The Higher Brevet is a modular course. It comprises ‘Georges’ University Wine Course’ (module 1) and is completed with ‘Exploring Wine Gone Global’ (module 2). The course is in English and self-paced; most students complete it under 1 year. It comes with lifetime access to all course material, news updates and your tutor.

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