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What students say…

Dear Georges,  I wish to congratulate you for the very interesting course you organised and for the quality and detail of the lectures you presented to us. I admit to have learned a lot about wine and had loads of fun.  Many thanks and I look forward to another original wine course you may be organising.

— David Xuereb – Malta (student)

It was a corker of a course! I can say, your Georges’ University Wine Course is great course work.

— Kim Cewly – New York, USA (student)

Wine Campus is unique in that it is geared up to also accredit wine stewards and sommeliers anywhere in the world through a network of qualified examiners.

— Wikipedia (resource)

The new platform is cleaner and easier to use. Also the links work better. I can access all the data properly using ubuntu (a linux based operating system). Thanks for all the work you’re doing to keep us wine enthusiasts updated.

— Sandro Kuyper – South Africa  (student)

I wouldn’t mind taking the same course again. It was surprisingly interesting. I never thought I could stand hours learning about wine history. But the colourful explanations made it enjoyable!

— Andrew Borg – Malta (student)

Meekers taps into the wine understanding of students; then builds on it with his teachings to lay a solid foundation for them to advance their wine appreciation.

— Sarah Puntan Galea – (lifestyle & travel journalist)