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Certified Wine Courses

Georges' University Wine Course

This online course is for beginners serious about wine. It provides a core understanding and begins with a straightforward explanation of how the winemaking process affects what ends up in your glass. The classes explore the different regions and techniques that determine wine’s characteristic flavour and personality.

Georges' University Course

€175lifetime access
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Higher Brevet of Wine

This is the most comprehensive online course. It touches also on today’s evolution in the wine trade. Enthusiasts as well professionals will gain a more advanced understanding and deeper, critical insight. You learn how to taste professionally and debunk myths. Completion leads to the coveted Higher Brevet of Wine.

Higher Brevet of Wine

€295lifetime access
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Brevet of Wine Stewardship

These lectures deal in-depth with service aspects of wine. The lectures also aim to hone professional tasting skills and impart an original take on wine and food alchemy. The course is particularly beneficial to those involved in wholesales of beverages and the retailing of wines as well as chefs, restaurateurs and waiting staff.

Brevet of Wine Stewardship

€245lifetime access
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Our certified wine courses at Wine Campus are special thanks to the dedication and unmatched accessibility of the tutor. Apart from learning at your own pace you will be guided by wine experts you would otherwise have no access to. Our wine tutors are experts in their field and take the novice through the essentials that everyone should know about wine; all the way to the level of the connoisseur. The online wine classes put you, the wine enthusiast on the same page as the wine professional.

Our wine courses are online ‘apprenticeship courses’. Coming from old French ‘aprentis’ (from ‘apprendre’ or to learn), the focus is on the fact that students will apprentice with wine professionals albeit over the Internet. Besides being fun and entertaining, the courses serve as a qualification in an area of study about wine which isn’t warranted a full degree course by other institutes.