Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry into Values by Robert Pirsig has always been and still is one of those books I keep close, on my bedside table. I still haven’t read it from cover to cover, though, but know that one day I will.

Zen wine

Neither have I yet really understood or explored how ‘mindfulness’ – a consciousness as inherited from the Buddhist tradition – can enhance the enjoyment of my existence.  However, rather instinctively I know there could be some truth in it, some use to me even.

Perhaps I could, each time I nose a wine, with every glass that I lift closer to my lips, with every sip I take, journey to a different place?

That somewhereness is where I don’t drink, I need not taste and am not compelled to think. Score I do not. But instead I transcend the emptiness in the glass that sits between the ideal and a pragmatic self.

We should all live our wine: surrender to ‘winefulness’.

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